Needles by John James

In the 19th Century, when John James himself was first making needles, he specialised in industrial needles and tools and in particular in sail making needles and other ships chandlery. His legacy continues and lives on in the ever expanding and popular range of John James Finest Quality Needles.

We are delighted to offer you our extremely comprehensive range of hand sewing needles and machine needles available for you to purchase on-line.

John James with its distinctive yellow and black packaging gives you the quality and the heritage and innovation as demonstrated by our new John James Pebble, finest quality needles in a Pebble.

Innovations from the John James Collection

Ever thought how useful it would be to have a super-fine curved needle for sewing beads onto boxes?

Ever wish a cross stitch needle could be shorter to work more quickly or finish off the last tiny length of thread?

The answer is probably in the innovative range of needles included in the John James collection.

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